How to Get Here

Get to Vancouver and we do the rest

It's Really Easy.

Return flights to and from our locations are included in the price of each package and we book these for you.

Arrival day flights depart from Vancouver, in the early afternoon, and arrive in Bella Coola or Anahim Lake ~ 70 minutes later. Then it's just a quick transfer to the property for orientation and check-in.

We strongly suggest that you fly into Vancouver the night before the start date of your program and stay at an airport hotel. By booking with Bella Coola Heli Sports we are able to provide you with preferred rates at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport, or if you prefer, there are many other options in close proximity to the airport.

On departure day, we strongly suggest booking your connecting flight home no earlier than 9:00 pm PST.

If you need to arrive a day late or leave a day early, you are responsible for arranging an alternative flight option and paying for the additional cost.

Departure Locations.

Flights to our locations depart from two main terminals: Air Elite Vancouver and Vancouver International Airport South Terminal (YVR South). 

Both terminals are located approximately 15 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport Main Terminal. The easiest way to move between terminals is by taxi; however, there is also a free shuttle that operates scheduled service between the two terminals, as well from many of the main airport hotels. 

Flight information and detailed instructions will be sent to you by email no later than 14 days prior to the start date of your program.

Arrival Locations.

Flights to our locations arrive at two main terminals: Bella Coola Airport and Anahim Lake Airport.

The arrival location is dependant on the property you select and may vary based on weather conditions.

For guests travelling to Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, Eagle Lodge, or MV Cascadia, Bella Coola Airport is the primary arrival location.

For guests travelling to Pantheon Heli Ranch or Sand Creek Ranch, Anahim Lake Airport is the primary arrival location.

In cases of inclement weather, guests travelling to Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, Eagle Lodge, or MV Cascadia may arrive at Anahim Lake Airport. 

Private Planes.

It's not unusual for guests to arrange arrival by private plane. In this case, the package rate remains the same.

If you would like to organize your own transportation to the property, it is important to reach out to the arrival airport first to ensure that the runway length is appropriate for the size of the place.

Both arrival airports are visual reference only and special care should be taken when planning flight entrance into Bella Coola as the valley is quite narrow and visibility can be limited.

The Bella Coola Airport (QBC) has a runway length of 4,200 feet long.

The Anahim Lake Airport (YAA) has a runway length of 3,936 feet long.

Please visit the individual airport websites for more detailed information. Contact us if anything is unclear or your require additional information.


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