Safety Equipment

The best gear to help minimize risk

We like to head out into the mountains as well prepared as possible. On arrival day, we issue guests an Airbag backpack that contains a newer model Avalanche Transceiver, a probe, and a collapsible shovel.  Our guiding team has chosen the type of transceiver based not only on its ease of use but on its accuracy in pinpointing a location!

Once kitted out, our guides will give you a comprehensive safety briefing.

We do not believe the use of an airbag should be an additional cost to you, therefore we include one for you to use for free (as are the probe, beacon, and shovel).

Guests can bring their own transceiver and backpack, however, we insist that guests wear one of our beacons as we know they are in excellent working order (guests can use their own beacon to search…just make sure they turn off the one they are wearing!).

  • Mammut Barryvox Transceiver – we supply our guests with the latest transceivers and update our fleet every couple of years! Learn more about the transceivers here.
  • Probe & shovel - lightweight but sturdy
  • BCA Float 12 Avalanche Airbag 2.0 – every guest of ours is outfitted with an Airbag at no cost! Your safety is too important to us. Learn more about the BCA Float 12 airbags here.

To read about what ski and snowboard equipment we will lend you, go here: Gear page

Here's a video about the BCA Float 12 Airbag 2.0;

Safety-related questions? Let us know! We will give you the straight facts. Click here

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