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Yes, you can do it


It's telling people that they are good enough to heliski!

Ski movies where people are skiing incredibly steep lines and jumping out of helicopters has been a blessing and a curse for the heli-skiing industry. It presents heli-skiing as an activity for hardcore skiers who want to "huck their carcass". Well, good news! That couldn't be further from the truth.

Here's all that you need to know: Anyone who is a strong intermediate skier/rider can heliski. Seriously.

How would we define a 'strong intermediate'? Read on;

Strong Intermediates - can comfortably ski blue runs at a ski resort, and occasionally ventures on to some black diamond runs, but not really comfortably.

Recommended packages for Strong Intermediates:

Advanced - you are an advanced skier/rider if you rip blue runs with ease and can do some black runs, though struggle a bit on double black runs.

Recommended packages for Advanced skiers/riders:

  • All programs, andmaybe the Classic XL package (if you are interested in this program, chat with us first to see if it's appropriate)

Expert - you kill it on ALL sorts of terrain and can ski in control and style in crappy conditions. 

Recommended packages for Experts:

Useful Tips

  • If you would classify yourself as a Strong Intermediate, encourage your friends and/or family to join you to make your own group of 4. As our group sizes are composed of 4 people, this would mean you would have your own group and you will not have to worry about other people! You could also consider booking a Private, so you would have your own helicopter and you would have more flexibility on the type of terrain you could ski (i.e. the terrain choice isn't dictated by other groups using the helicopter). Also with a Private, you do not need to have 4 people, it could just be 2 or 3 of you.
  • Do NOT over-estimate your ability! If you over-estimate your ability, you will be quickly found out when on the mountain. It's no fun being "demoted" to another group.

If you still have hesitations, or we haven't covered your situation above, get in touch with us.

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