Whistler Blackcomb & Heli-Skiing

The perfect place to get your ski legs back

It's easy to make Whistler part of your heli-skiing trip

If you are joining us for a short stay, or you haven't been on snow for awhile, we definitely recommend adding Whistler to your trip. In fact, we are such big Whistler fans, we have our administration office in the 2010 Olympic resort!

It is extremely easy to combine your Bella Coola trip with a stay in Whistler. There are shuttles that depart from Vancouver Airport every hour and takes up to 3 hours to arrive in Whistler village. We recommend a stay of about 3 or so days to get your ski legs back.

To get to Bella Coola from Whistler, just take one of the shuttles back to Vancouver Airport in order to meet our flight departing from the South Terminal. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time and factor in any possible weather/traffic delays as there's just 1 flight per day to Bella Coola. If you are joining us in January or early February, you might want to consider staying the night in Vancouver, or schedule a very early shuttle.

You can find Whistler shuttle companies here.

Since our admin office is in Whistler, feel free to phone/email us to see if we can join you for a couple of runs. It doesn't take much to get us out on the mountain! 

Heli-skiing in Whistler

There are several heli-skiing operations in Whistler. They differ from us in many ways, including skiing in larger groups, more groups per heli, less runs, less challenging terrain etc etc, however, they are a good way to get  your ski legs back and to get a taste of what heli-skiing is like. If your Bella Coola trip will be your first time heli-skiing, then it's definitely worth considering doing a day with one of the Whistler heli-skiing operations. Feel free to ask us to ask us for a recommendation. Some of our guides work for a few of the Whistler operations, so you know you are in good hands!

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