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Are you wondering if you are good enough to heli-ski? Or if our terrain is challenging enough....or maybe you are worried it's too steep? Maybe you want to check our availability and rates? If so, drop us a line because we love talking about heli-skiing in Canada!

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Please note: all our trips are 3 nights or more (i.e. we do not offer single days) and prices start from $1900 per night.

We can't wait to tell you how a trip to Bella Coola will blow your mind!

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Toll Free: 1 877 982 2407 (US & Canada)

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We recognize that you might be keen to join us for some epic heli-skiing, however, you may be hesitant in these uncertain times. We want to allay your fears and to make booking a trip with us RISK FREE

It is important to note that these more flexible terms and conditions have been implemented for a limited time only. When travel restrictions ease, we will update our policies.

The Policy that applies to you depends on which winter you plan on joining us. For details, please see the Cancellation & Refund Policy page (under "Travel Planning").

For information on how we are dealing with the pandemic, visit the COVID-19 Safety Protocols page.

From first-timers to hardcores, we have a package for everyone!

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