Best Time to Go Heli-Skiing

When is the best month to heli-ski in Bella Coola?

Anytime is a good time to go heli-skiing!

Having said that, here is how we can generalize about our ski season*;

  1. January to mid-February - stormy, lots of snow, less daylight hours. It's worth pointing out that we get more snow than other operations due to being located in the Coast Range, which is the first set of mountains that gets hit by storms. Another benefit of our location is that our temperatures are much milder when compared to the interior of British Columbia. It is quite rare for us to experience temperatures colder than -15 to -20C.

  2. Mid-February to Late March - still lots of snow, not as many storms, daylight hours getting longer (so we can stay out skiing longer!)

  3. Late March into April - still powder snow, especially on Northern aspects! Don't be fooled by the conditions at your local ski area or at operations in the interior of BC, our winter lasts longer as we still experience mid-winter like conditions at this time. We are further north with lots of glaciated terrain which acts as a large refrigerator, keeping the snow in good condition well into April and May (we've even skied powder in August!). At this time of year, there are many more daylight hours and more fine weather. It's not uncommon for guests to be skiing until 5 or even 6pm! Have a look at the "late March & April heli-skiing" page to see why it is our guides favourite time to heliski.

Most of our repeat guests come in March/Early April. At this time of the season we do 7 night stays at Tweedsmuir Park LodgePantheon Heli Ranch and Mystery Mountain Ranch.

At Eagle Lodge, shorter stays are possible ANY time during the season. Shorter stays are possible at Tweedsmuir from late December to mid February, then again from about the 2nd week of April.

If you have a large group and want to come for a short stay when we normally book 7 nights still contact us as we may be able to make it possible.

*Note: the above is a guide only! For example, during mid-April we can have mid-winter temperatures and huge dumps of snow. Or in January we can have lots of sunshine and smaller dumps of snow. It's the weather, so we never really know what will happen, but the above is a good general guide.

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