Thank you for checking our availability.


  1. If your client requests dates that we do NOT have availability according to the sheet below, please still contact us! Sometimes we are able to move things around and perhaps we can make your clients' dates work. 
  2. We try to keep the list updated as best as possible, but things can change quickly, therefore we do not guarantee the seats are available even if its listed as available (though there's a good chance it is..we update it very frequently). Give us a call or send an email...we will get back to you ASAP.
  3. If there is an asterisk (*) next to the number in the "seats open" column, it means there is a restriction in place. This could be a weight restriction (i.e. the client needs to be less than a certain weight) or there may be a skier ability issue you need to be aware of.

Photos, Rates and More

Looking for our rate sheets? High resolution photos? The BCHS logo? Find them all in our DropBox link here. Note: photos may only be used to promote Bella Coola Heli Sports and need to include photographer and location credit (e.g. "Eric Berger / Bella Coola Heli Sports").

2021/2022 Availability

  • Dates/rates in BLACK font are available to sell
  • Dates/rates in ORANGE font are being held by other guests, however, if you have guests who want those dates, call/email us and we can get the other people to make a decision, potentially freeing up the space for your clients
  • Dates/rates in RED/Strikethrough font have been sold

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