Richard Lapointe

Chief Heli Ski Pilot & Base Manager

Richard was born in Quebec and learned to fly helicopters during his education in the military in the 80’s.

His first mission after completing school was to fly helicopters in Labrador for a military search-and-rescue team.

Since then, he has flown Tudor Jets, been a flight instructor both for Tudor jets and helicopters, a flight coordinator for the Snowbirds (the Canadian Forces aerobatic team); he has been a pilot for he UN in Somalia and Rwanda and for skiing films.

He is recognized by the industry as one of the best film pilots in the world. He has worked with Warren Miller, Seth Morrison and the late Shane McConkey. It is on his first shoot that he met Swede, owner of Bella Coola Heli Sports. Together they went on to develop this great adventure in heli skiing in the Coast Mountains. He currently is the base manager and a pilot for West Coast Heli in Hagensborg in the Bella Coola Valley.

Richards hobbies include mountain biking, water-skiing, down hill skiing and fine cabinet making. “As a general rule, Richard says, I enjoy anything that goes over 30 knots!”

Knowledge is pow(d)er.
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