Pamela Lenci

General Manager

“Growing up in Bella Coola sort of ruins you”, as Pamela would say, “there is no place you feel more free, and no place more beautiful”; after 6 years of living in Jackson Hole, that’s saying something! 

A born-and-bred Bella Coola local, Pamela’s love for snowboarding started at East Branch, Bella Coola’s charming local ski hill. After 17 years outside of the Valley, she is thrilled to return and join the Bella Coola Heli Sports team, bringing her extensive experience in heli-skiing and hospitality full circle.

After leaving Bella Coola, and upon graduating from University with a degree in Business Administration, Pamela found herself immersed in the heli-skiing industry. She has spent 12 years in the industry, working in nearly all facets of the business. Pamela most recently returned to Canada from Jackson Hole, where she spent the past 6 years creating and launching one of North America’s most buzz-worthy luxury hotels – Caldera House. As the President and General Manager, Pamela led the project from concept to fruition. While Caldera House was her baby, when you grow up in the pristine, wild and remote wilderness of Bella Coola, even Jackson Hole won’t do. 

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