Dr. Renata Lewis

Medical Director

In addition to being an Emergency and Rural/Remote Physician based out of Whistler BC, she has spent 20 years as a Search and Rescue technician and helicopter medevac and HETS pre-hospital doctor. She has worked as a consultant and instructor for the Canadian Avalanche Association, HeliCat Canada, Parks Canada, international medical repatriation organizations and ski patrol programs, and multiple guiding operations both as a guide, and as a rescue trainer and medical advisor.

Having grown up in Nelson, and spent time in Revelstoke in the past, Renata has now lived in Whistler for the past 10 years, where she frequents the alpine for trail running, does early morning training sessions on her stand up paddle raceboard on glacier-fed lakes, and mountain bikes once all the snow has melted. As a “YES” person, she has even flown small airplanes, become a river guide, competed in international ski races, given standing ovation speeches to raise over half a million dollars for various charities, and has sung on stage at major rock concerts with well known stars and musicians (although she is adamant she can’t actually sing). Ironically, she likes the quiet life, and just really wants everyone to see how amazing life can be, each and every single day, in even the smallest of ways.

As she has been heard to say, “our lives are short...but no one ever said there are limits”....oh, and don’t forget— “the one who has the most fun, wins”.

Knowledge is pow(d)er.
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