A quick story behind the world's largest heli-ski tenure in the world

A short story, quoting our company founders, originally published in the Winter/Spring 2012 issue of Mountain Life Magazine on how Bella Coola Heli Sports came about.

(read left to right)

Beat Steiner

“I’ve known Swede since 1983 or something like that. I met him through Trevor Petersen (free-skiing legend) who was washing dishes for Swede at the Rimrock. Over the years, because we were in the same scene, doing lots of touring and occasionally doing first descents, we got to know each other better.”

Pete “Swede” Mattsson

“Beat and I did a few ski trips together, including the first ski descent of Mount Atwell (Siberian Express). We all skied together often on Whistler and Blackcomb, including lots of backcountry hiking. We first started to work together in the early '90s – me as a safety and location coordinator, and Beat and Christian as cino. (ed. note – That means cinematographer).”


“I first met Christian at the Banff Mountain Film Fest (I think). He was just starting to make films so my company, Adventurescope, hired him. I really liked his enthusiasm and the footage he was coming back with. Pretty soon Christian was scoring his own film work and returning the favour by hiring me. Together with Swede we were a pretty good team – two angles and safety.”


“After this we worked together on a lot of ski, snowboard and commercial shoots. Mostly in North America but also other parts of the world like Greenland.”


“When we did our first film projects in Bella Coola in 2000 we fell in love with the place and since it was getting more complicated to shoot in the Whistler area we figured we’d better apply for tenure.”

Christian Begin

“We were the three of us on a film shoot in Bella Coola and we all came back from that trip with the same feeling about the place. We then decided all together to get the tenure so we could have a private playground for filming. It all came very natural, we were good friends before that. We basically found Shangri-La and just went for it….”

To learn more about Beat, Swede, Christian and some of the other characters that have made Bella Coola Heli Sports what it is, visit the Meet The Team page!

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